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Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast

Jan 6, 2022

Welcome to episode 105 of the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast. I’m your host, Kathy Cruz.

To celebrate 100 episodes of the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast, we are replaying 6 of the most popular episodes in December and January. We chose the top 6 based on most downloaded, downloaded the most in relation to days published AND episodes that are the most popular with all of you.

Even if you listened to the episodes we chose for these replays, I highly encourage you to listen again! You might just catch something that you didn’t hear the first time around. We’re all so busy and at times distracted, right? I know this happens when I listen to podcast episodes myself. My point is you may learn something new or something ELSE if you give these episodes a second go. 

Today’s replay is episode 2

This is hands down the episode that generates the most response. This episode is what prompts most shopkeepers to subscribe to the free resources in the Shopkeeper’s Academy -because of the super simple calculator within the lesson. It’s also one of the lessons where Academy members respond to my questions at the end of the lesson.

Here are some of the comments made by shopkeepers who use the calculator and answer the question:

Do you feel you can hit your sales and salary goal?

"I needed to adjust the initial amounts I put in, but that was a good learning experience. In the long run, I might not be able to take home as much as I'd like to but, being able to own my own business outweighs that, currently."

"No Idea... just starting out."

"Not this year but since we are doubling gross sales in 2021 over 2020, I am hopeful we can double again for 2020, which would be more than the sales needed for my salary goal."

"No, I don't think so. Need to market harder."

"I already hit the sales, I'm still scared to pay myself!"

"I think it is possible."

"Yes, but also hard because it just shows how far I have to go for us to be paid."

"Not sure that it is realistic at this point but in the future."


This podcast episode was published over 2 years ago! September 2019. At around the 15-minute mark, I heard myself say, “If you stay on this journey with me, I promise I’ll help you with your business” and I beamed with pride because I genuinely feel like I have fulfilled and continue to fulfill that promise.

And then there’s the other part of me that thought, “and I feel like I’m just getting started!” so it has me excited for 2022 and I hope it also has YOU excited for 2022.

Thank you for supporting the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast by listening, writing reviews, and cheering me on along the way! I would not have made it to 100 episodes without you!!

Click here to see the original show notes and to get access to my free Sales to Salary Calculator.