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Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast

Mar 7, 2024

Bookkeeping is crucial for any business, and indie retailers are no exception! It's the key to understanding your finances, making smart choices, and pushing your biz forward. 

Today, I’m sharing six bookkeeping tips from a recent live lesson I taught to Master Shopkeepers. Listen in to learn what you need to do to keep your books in order so you can work smarter, profit more, and grow. 

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Kathy Cruz is an Independent Retail Coach who helps store owners work smarter, profit more, and grow their brick and mortar businesses. Connect with Kathy and learn more here:

Website: Retail Business Coach For Brick & Mortar Store Owners • Savvy Shopkeeper

Instagram: @savvyshopkeeper
Mastermind Group: Master Shopkeepers