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Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast

May 23, 2024

Let’s face it: being an indie retail store owner isn’t easy. There are shipments to bust, products to merchandise, backstock to organize, floats to reconcile, and tasks to delegate. 

Beyond the day-to-day operations, there are even more high-level tasks that eat at your time and brain power, like choosing what products to bring in and figuring out how to pay yourself. 

Do you know what makes all of the above easier? Building a strong foundation for your store. A foundation of understandable data, easy-to-use systems, and streamlined processes will make your life simpler—and give you space to work smarter, profit more, and grow your retail business.

Listen in to learn six reasons why you need to build a strong foundation for your retail store, along with two ways I can help you get there. For show notes, visit

Kathy Cruz is an Independent Retail Coach who helps store owners work smarter, profit more, and grow their brick and mortar businesses. Connect with Kathy and learn more here:

Website: Retail Business Coach For Brick & Mortar Store Owners • Savvy Shopkeeper

Instagram: @savvyshopkeeper
Mastermind Group: Master Shopkeepers