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Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast

Dec 23, 2021

To celebrate 100 episodes of the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast, we are replaying 6 of the most popular episodes. Today, you’ll be hearing one of those episodes.

Even if you listened to the episodes we chose for these replays, I highly encourage you to listen again! You might just catch something that you didn’t hear the first time around. We’re all so busy and at times distracted, right? I know this happens when I listen to podcast episodes myself. My point is you may learn something new or something ELSE if you give these episodes a second go. 

Today’s replay is episode 80 from July 2021, this one made the replay list based off on feedback! So many of you loved and appreciated this episode so I KNOW adding this to the replay list will only mean that it can potentially help so many more shopkeepers.

“My intention for this episode is to help you move slow-selling items and make strategic decisions around those items so you can maximize profit and keep your store fresh for customers.”

With surcharges, freight increases, inflation, and everything else going on with supply chain issues - we are all paying more for products. Period.

I want to break the bad habit of those retailers who feel their customers will only shop with them if they host a sale. Or the retailer who feels guilty for pricing their products where the price means profit.  There’s SO much mindset work on this topic and I can’t cover it all in one episode but in episode 80 I think I truly help some of the roadblocks with both pricing and discounting.

As we look to 2022, please, please listen to this episode and PROTECT your margins. I promise doing so does not mean you’re being a bad retailer or that you still can’t serve your customers well. I promise!

Thank you for supporting the Savvy Shopkeeper Retail Podcast by listening, writing reviews, and cheering me on along the way! I would not have made it to 100 episodes without you!!

Here’s the replay of Episode 80.